j3FILMS is interested in learning about stories out there that are worth telling. Stories that heighten awareness and open minds. Stories that, when watched, leave the viewer wondering “what if this is true?” If you’ve had experiences that fit this description, or know someone who has, we would love to hear your story.

If you’ve had an experience, and have never shared it, we would be more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement to assure you that your story is safe with us.

Please understand that just because you share your personal story with us doesn’t guarantee we will move forward with it. If it’s compelling, we can talk. If it’s not, we’ll let you know right away. Finally, we’re not in the business of making experiencers of strange phenomena wealthy. We exist to tell stories worth telling. It all starts with a good story. If the story is good enough, it will find an audience.

It’s our job to take a good story and make it a great story. That’s why we do what we do.