Update: We are searching for answers following recent developments

Based on responses we’ve received over the past few weeks, we assume quite a few of you are unaware of the recent developments with Stan Romanek. He has been arrested and released; and, since then, beaten up and in the hospital twice. The arc of his personal story has changed dramatically, and it is creating an obvious division among the ranks due to the circumstances.

We want to remind everyone that j3FIILMS purchased the rights to tell Stan’s story. We are filmmakers who are documenting his story. We are not business partners with Stan — he is simply the subject of the film. Decisions about the release of the film have nothing to do with Stan, they are completely ours. Like most independent films produced through the generous funding of supporters, the first priority is to pay back those who loaned money, which is why we had the film entered into film festivals. The hope was we would find an interested distribution partner to reach a wide audience. After being accepted at one and rejected by two more in January, we moved into direct discussions with distribution channels. While we were in those discussions last month, the news about Stan was brought to our attention.

With that said, we have been directly impacted by these developments and have since been deciding how to move forward — scrap the film completely, release the film as is and not address the issue, or address the issue by recutting the film. Please understand that these choices are not being taken lightly, nor should they be given what has been shared with us.

Our lack of communication may be frustrating, and we completely understand that. But we ask you to please understand that we were/are faced with some difficult decisions, and our intention is to make the right one.

At this moment, we intend to push forward. We intend to dig a little deeper. We intend to provide you with information that will help you make your own decisions about Stan, his experiences and these latest developments.

We are looking to accelerate this process vs. slow it down. We’ve been on this journey for four years with plenty of obstacles to overcome along the way. While this is much more than a blip, we intend to overcome this one, too.

We will keep you posted with updates as soon as we can. Thank you for your continued support and patience. We need it now more than ever.

31 Responses to Update: We are searching for answers following recent developments
  1. Randy Rice
    April 21, 2014 | 10:23 am

    The Dark Cabal at it again eh? This film must really make them nervous. Obviously they have had to pull out all the tried and truly heinous acts of underhanded skullduggery just to try and deflect the publics attention from the truth they have been waiting so patiently for. Please find a way to bring Stan’s story out for the sake of us all.

    • Chris
      May 16, 2014 | 2:08 am

      Child porn oh gosh are we serious, they did same dame thing to the U.N. guy who was going to be next pres of France, Strauess Kahn I believe? , set him up in a rape allogation only to be dropped when election was over,not 100% sure so check me, I believe all charges were dropped, not before ruining a possible great mans career, idk the whole story, but how many times are we going to let this sort of thing happen? To tell u the truth I’d rather him be a child porn enthusiast, over a UFO falsify er
      At least considering the extravagance Of his UFO story, now that in my opinion Would be unforgivable. All things considered if he was set up they accomplished the goal, now everything is so mucked up that the truth is rather impossible for any light to now reach it. So lame.

  2. Kari
    April 6, 2014 | 4:40 am

    Throughout the ages those people with the controversial truth have been ridiculed and those people with the accepted truth have been worshipped. If you are NOT ridiculed, demonized or just forgotten, then you add nothing to our belief system. The recent events in Stan’s life are just confirming the importance of the message of your film. Thus you should openly tell in the film these latest events. Without this addition, the film would lose its credibility and the oppressors know that.

  3. David Novak
    April 3, 2014 | 4:43 pm

    In light of Stan’s new development being arrested even though he has shown that his computer was hacked, has nothing to do with the film. I’m sure that Stan will show us again the lengths what people will do to stop the film. David

  4. Warren Peace
    March 29, 2014 | 6:46 am

    I am disappointed that the comments are not accessible from the postings – can your web designer fix that? Seems like an obvious fix, or I am having a senior moment an unable to see a “link to comments”.. arg, so I have to leave this post.

    I believe Stan, and there are obviously forces out there wanting to shut him up about the alien hybridization program, which explains almost all of the bizarre behaviors. Part of the problem is Stan himself, where often guys like him, Billy Meier (who I also believe, although he also probably faked SOME of his photos.. doesn’t mean they ALL were..); trouble is, the publicity often goes to the ego, and it’s the shortcoming of the material society to not become victimized by these human instincts. It’s quite possible Stan was set up, and it’s quite possible Stan has had a bit of a psychotic episode (either age-ego based, or a government PsyOp), so we should give him the benefit of the doubt on the child porn as in “innocent until proven guilty” (and even if he’s proved guilty, I would take it with a grain of sand because our government certainly CANNOT BE TRUSTED!).

    In the end, if Stan is a hoaxer, he should be applauded for enacting the most convincing UFO hoax of all time, then let’s move on to the REAL ET phenomenon; and if Stan is for real (and I think he is), let us give him some leeway here, because the forces against him are real, they are powerful, and Stan needs our support. Does this sound fair?

    • Geordie Anderson
      April 22, 2014 | 5:42 pm

      Extremely well said. Thank you.

  5. Tim
    March 28, 2014 | 7:01 pm

    You people are a joke.what is it about my post you didnt want to put up?the fact that this guy is a phony?so the truth is what you didnt like.i didnt say anything that wasnt public and theres even a link thats posted.its not my fault you wasted time and money on this child porn having fraud.you picked the wrong person to do a ufo doc on.you lost at least one supporter and with a operation as small as yours you should take what you can get.
    Have better judgement in the future and make sure the phony you document doesn’t get caught making his own “experiences”

    • Jon Sumple
      March 29, 2014 | 6:06 pm

      Tim, we review all comments before they are posted, just not every minute of the day. You need to take a deep breath and ask why you’re spending so much time talking about and following something you don’t believe in.

    • Bobsy
      March 30, 2014 | 12:02 am

      Having already Judged a Man ‘Pre-Trial’ you should be the one reconsidering his stance on Mr Romanek, at the very least from a moral point of view. I’m sure J3 Films are also grateful that you are in a position to give them advice on exactly which Subject Matter would be most beneficial to such a ‘Small Operation’!Your Cinematographic Résumé must be an impressive one?
      Constructive Criticism is a marvelous thing and a great leveler when a Story/Account seems a little too far fetched, however what you bring to the table is pure speculative unsubstantiated nonsense – the very thing you accuse this gentleman of purveying. I suspect many people commenting here are equipped with their own Bulls**t Meters & are not so naive as you would assume.

    • Chris
      May 16, 2014 | 2:18 am

      You have proof that he falsified his story please send me the link love to read for myself, but u can’t really believe the child porn thing? Really a anonymous tip, that a avg guy got porn on computer, please that reeks of a set up. People did same type o thing to IMF or W.bank rep that’s was soon to be elected next president of France. Then once election was over and he ruined of a rape allegation, the lady contracted her accusation, details foggy, think name was Strauss Kahn, check that story for proof that these type things are not all to uncommon, but I want to know the truth so hook me up with a link pointing to fraud if ya got 1. Thank you very much,
      Stay on god vibes friend

  6. Doug Webber
    March 22, 2014 | 8:51 pm

    I was wondering why my blog post on Stan Romanek was getting so many hits, now I know why (see http://dream-prophecy.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-orion-messages-of-stan-romanek.html). I should point out, regardless of the outcome of the charges, the evidence in this case is overwhelming, and follows the consistent pattern of character assassination. For J3 films, you may want to check out that blog post, particularly the video “The Secret NASA Transmissions” which may explain one of the lights that Stan had recorded. So if you plan on recutting, you now have more material to consider.

  7. Keith
    March 21, 2014 | 8:13 am

    Just wanted to say that I believe the charges against Stan are complete BS and that this is just scare tactics to keep the truth coming out in the open. I want to show support for both Stan and J4 Films. Don’t stop. Don’t be bullied into silence. It’s the bullies who are more afraid. Let the Light shine!

  8. Holden
    March 17, 2014 | 9:51 am

    Now more than ever this film needs to be released. These recent events do nothing to change my impression of Stan and do evrything to add credibility to all of his harassment claims and to his overall story. Before I was 70% sure that Stan’s story was true. Now, I am 100% sure and you as film makers and sole keepers of this information and footage owe it to the people of the planet to release this film. You will make your stupid money don’t worry. There are plenty of people who believe Stan that are willing to donate useless paper money to your cause. But the bigger issue here is that this story needs to be told!

    Please, show us the product of all of your hard work over the last 4 years and get this story out. Don’t let everything Stan has been put through be for nothing.

    • Jon Sumple
      March 19, 2014 | 1:07 pm

      I continue to be amused by the notion that a certain audience feels they are owed something from a film — whether it is ours anyone else’s. Those who feel we owe them something have no idea why it has taken this long and what the obstacles have been. None whatsoever. What makes you think we would tackle a project that has taken four and half years, devoting thousands of hours in the process, spending tens of thousands of dollars of other people’s money and NOT want to release the film? Do you seriously believe we would endure what we’ve been through and not get it out?

      We have every intention of releasing the film, an we’ve made that very clear in our last two posts. If you haven’t read the post that followed this one, please do. Thanks for your patience, we truly are almost there.

  9. Richard Quinones
    March 16, 2014 | 10:19 am

    It is time for the release of this important message Stan has and to support him at this time.

  10. Jimmy
    March 15, 2014 | 3:21 pm

    We know he was framed! ‘F’ the rules, release this film. Add a prelude to the film and get it out!! This “arrest” just adds credibility to his story.

    We Believe Stan

  11. Geordie Anderson
    March 13, 2014 | 6:24 am

    The timing is perfect for the oppressors. This was intended to discredit your film, and will work to some degree, regardless of anything you do now. What else can you do, then, besides release the film with an annotation about Stan’s arrest? As a postscript, you may also want to interview Lisa about the charges. For everyone’s sake, please release the damned film soon. We’ve waited long enough and you’ll soon lose any momentum the film has acquired over the last few years. This new controversy could actually be used to the film’s advantage. An idea that I’ve heard mentioned several times in relation to ‘Extraordinary’ is for a user-pays system to be set up to recover costs, similar to the one set up for the Sirius documentary last year. This could be done fairly easily. A cable network may also pick it up.

    • Jon Sumple
      March 13, 2014 | 3:02 pm

      Like you said, there’s a lot more going on than people know. There’s also a lot that we’ve had to deal with that relates to Stan’s story that isn’t pertinent to his story but obstacles nonetheless. As I mentioned in my comment to Dom (in this thread), there are people who don’t want this film to see the light of day and they’ve expressed it quite clearly directly to Stan and indirectly to us. As for timing of the release, I feel like a broken record in sharing this but one more time won’t hurt.

      First and foremost, it will probably help to know that Stan is the subject of the film and we’re independent filmmakers. We have no connection to Stan and Stan has no connection to us when it comes to business purposes. His story came to us, it took more than two years to finalize an acceptable deal with him (a story in and of itself!) and another two years for pre-production, production and post-production. Now we’re in the next phase, which is distribution.

      This may help you understand what’s been going on over the last few months. Several people who have reached out to us are wondering why the film premiered in November but nothing else has happened since. Regarding premieres in the world of film, there are two types of “World Premieres” — films that are run through the Hollywood studio system and independent films that debut at film festivals. Studio films are made with wide release premiere dates scheduled months if not years ahead of time. Independent films rely on festivals to hopefully land a distribution deal that will allow their films to achieve a wider release. We are not a studio film, so we went the film festival route in an effort to land a distribution opportunity. So, like thousands of independent films each year that have world premieres at film festivals, it doesn’t mean that the film will be made available for purchase immediately following. You make an independent film, you submit to festivals, you shop it to distribution companies and you hopefully make a connection and land a deal. If that channel doesn’t lead to distribution, the next best option is self-distribution, which is an expensive undertaking in and of itself.

      Most festivals (including the ones we submitted to) require that your film be of premiere status (world, North American, regional or state) or it will not be considered. And most festivals will not accept films that are in current distribution, whether through self-distribution or a distribution company. Given that, we could not make the film available for distribution/purchase until we knew whether or not we would be accepted into two additional festivals, and we learned that we were not accepted in late January. While we were accepted to the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival and the film premiered in November, we had to wait until end of January to learn whether or not we were accepted into the other two festivals, which we submitted to back in the fall. We have decided not to enter any other festivals, so only after we learned our fate could we move forward with alternate distribution options. We attempted to go through the studios directly via a high-level connection, but three studios passed. We learned that in February, so we went all-in on a self-distribution model in mid-February and we’re making progress when Stan’s arrest and allegations went down. A week later, more information came our way that was disturbing, but we decided to persevere.

      Which brings us to now. We are working through the details and the financing required to deliver the film directly through a web resource. Reading back over this, I think this works well as a separate post, so I’ll post here in response to you and as a post.

  12. Bobsy
    March 9, 2014 | 8:07 pm

    In response to your email regarding the Recent Events in Stan’s Life!: There is no need to ‘Provide me with Further Information’ in order to assist me with forming any opinion about Stan. I am not what we in the UK call a ‘Fair Weather Friend’ – who jumps ship at the first signs of a squall; I would also encourage you to stand by the man who has after all has been beaten-up, shot-at & intimidated, ever since he began to share his experiences with the General Public – Has this latest tactic to discredit him come as any surprise to you? Surely not! Cyber Crime is a Common Practice/Disease of our Modern World – I implore you to Check your Own Hard Drives and Internet usage thoroughly whenever possible.

    • Jon Sumple
      March 9, 2014 | 8:21 pm

      See my response to Dom to better understand the post.

  13. Jon Sumple
    March 9, 2014 | 1:20 pm

    Dom, you need to read between the lines of the post. There are those who don’t want this film to see the light of day.

    • Dom
      March 9, 2014 | 1:22 pm

      Oh man, and here i thought you guys were considering to give up. Sorry about that, english is not my first language.

  14. Jim
    March 8, 2014 | 3:08 pm

    You need to go ahead with this project . Stan was framed , over the years he has had his laptops & pc`s hacked many times over. This is just one more attempt to try and make him stop talking , but with this one, they are trying to ruin his life . History repeats itself , Wendelle Stevens had the same thing happen to him when he was about to come forward , and what happened ? They framed him with child porn charges . These out of control agency`s are doing everything they can think of to bury Stan & his story & the whole UFO subject for that matter. You guys have worked with Stan for years now , you know him , he would never do something like what they have charged him with.It`s ludacris …

  15. Steve Crow
    March 8, 2014 | 11:00 am

    It’s way too early to jump to any conclusions on the charges made against Stan. All I can say is planting this kind of content on someone’s computer and then leaking the information to the police would be a great way to discredit and harass someone.

    I think the film should be released IF you feel it is still a good story, well told. It doesn’t matter if you actually believe his UFO experiences or not and neither do these charges, I see them as two entirely separate issues in terms of going forward with releasing the film or not. In my heart I am skeptical about these charges but even if they were proven in court to be true beyond a reasonable doubt, would that necessarily invalidate the other parts of his life? Child pornography is a hot button issue for many people often leading to rash judgement and perhaps that is exactly what is intended.

  16. AlecB
    March 8, 2014 | 10:03 am

    RELEASE IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. put the story and hard work out there for those who don’t know the whole story to be able to judge what was happening with what is happening now. I’ve been telling you since I’ve heard about the film that I’ll give you my money. Yet, no film for me to see. If he’s a fake or whatever then let us be the judge of that But please, release the film already.

  17. Sam
    March 8, 2014 | 10:01 am

    Wow… I did not have any idea about these things going on since he even deleted his Facebook account – or it has been deleted, who knows. But child pornography? Stan? Come on, guys. I mean how obvious can it get, lol. Happens all the time, also in Germany (where I live), that people who are stepping on someone’s toes are finding child pornography on their computer the next day.
    I beg you to “remain on track” and publish this documentary as soon as possible! This is a really important piece of the “bigger picture” and needs to be released/shown to the public and made viral. Don’t let it get to yourselves – and don’t let them intimidate you, either. Who knows what they will try.


    • Dom
      March 9, 2014 | 1:23 pm

      Lisa took his FB and Twitter account down for the time being.

  18. Kim
    March 8, 2014 | 9:46 am

    Stan and u have my complete support

  19. Dom
    March 8, 2014 | 9:37 am

    I beg you guys to please release this film to the world, and i hope that you guys don’t seriously believe these dirty accusations that were made, it was clearly a smear campaign.

    I bet you guys would be the last ones to think that it’s not true that SOMEONE has hacked Stans computers repeatedly and planted the “evidence” there.

    Please, for the sake of humanity, release this documentary to the world.

    Regards Dom

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