Unexplained phenomena

Stan Romanek’s story is a highly publicized one that has received notoriety around the world. Personally, we think the Stan Romanek story hasn’t been told fairly and completely. It’s not just about UFO images, abduction stories and “alien in the window” videos, as well as  trying to prove their veracity. The evidence is there. It’s everywhere. In significant abundance — more than 180 documented pieces of evidence to be exact. We don’t need to tell a story that has been shared in detail on Stan’s website and in his first book, “Messages: The World’s Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story,” available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, as well as via numerous TV shows, radio stations, magazine articles and blog pages.

We very much want to tell a human story.

With this project, our goal is simple: Show audiences how one man has been transformed physically, emotionally, intellectually, politically and spiritually due to the events that have transpired over the last 11 years. For those who don’t believe, we have one simple question: Why would anyone choose Stan’s life? No man in his right mind would raise his hand and say, “Pick me! I want to be the subject of constant scrutiny and ridicule for the rest of my life.”

At the same time, we have to wonder: What if Stan’s experiences are real? What if the messages he’s received are intended for all humanity? What if Stan’s just a messenger — one chosen to deliver information he never volunteered to receive?

Those are the questions we will answer. And we’ll share Stan’s journey from a humanistic POV rather than focus just on the evidence. It’s a compelling story, and one that’s never been told before — about Stan or anyone else.

Stan’s not alone … and we may not be, either.

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  1. I had the pleasure of hearing Stan speak in person to a small group of people last Summer. Any evidence he presented was suspect at best and could have been produced by anyone with his agenda. Fuzzy photos (don’t we all have pretty decent cameras on our phones these days?) and garbled audio recordings are poor evidence as are alien implants that have been misplaced or lost. I believe Stan’s motivations are purely financial and narcissistic.

  2. Stan’s “formulas” are simply regurgitated from text books published years ago. Have you seen the video of Stan flipping pen caps at himself from what he believes is off camera and then acting shocked when these things bounce off his face. It’s quite a hoot and solidifies my firm belief that he is nothing but a fraud.

    1. Some are obscure non mainstream formulas that were given to him wich he could’ve never known about on his own to guide in the right direction, some are unknown..but yeah, i suggest that you really do your research before you discredit this whole case.

  3. There are a lot of things in Stan’s reports that is not considered to be liable proof about UFO’s. Phone records, outside witnesses, police reports, among other resources. I am going to credit video of flying saucers and some pictures but as far as math formulas and phone conversations and little girls visiting him, no, that is a bit too far out there to just plainly believe. I would like to know what Stephen Hawking has to say about his mathematical formulas. After all he is one of the most influential on the subject and we haven’t heard his side of this subject. Until then, Stan is just another person with pictures and videos of flying saucers. By the way, I have seen a black triangular space craft and seen it in action warping to light speed and other UFO’s in the sky but never a extraterrestrial being.

    1. From reading your post i can certainly say that you didn’t really study Stans case.

      For instance, those are not just random “mathematical formulas”, they’re part of a bigger formula to show how the beings who are in contact, or were, with Stan bend space and time for time travel (using also an electromagnetic component not yet fully understood by physicists iirc). They were all validated by M.I.T. physicists.

      Anyways, i suggest you really check out his books since its all in there, and also watch the documentary and a few presentations from Stan that are available for free on youtube.

  4. I might be suspicious of Stan Romenek, but I am definitely suspicious in the amount of effort I see going into attempts to discredit him. I just looks like your trying too hard.

  5. We are with you guys! Keep working on this, do not let your spirit fade away, as Albert Einstein put it : “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly. ”
    I would buy it even from the trunk of your car!

    1. That little video is an embarrassment. Considering how long he’s been at this, you would think he would be a more convincing fraud. Shame on him.

    1. Please read the last two posts from the past week to get the details on where we are with distribution.

  6. did you ever release a film or is the one on Utube the only film? I noticed no communications since 2011. This is March 2014. I would love to see this in a theater or I’ll purchase for home viewing. Hoping your production problems resolve. Sincerely, Jackie

    1. Hey Jackie, thanks for dropping by. Please see the last two posts from this past week to get the details on where we are with distribution.

  7. I believe there here i had one experience and don’t care if they believe it or not Ifind stans story incredible and that’s a film I want to see can you let me now were can I watch it

  8. hi,is there any progress on anything with your projects,im seeing all these great reviews for crowdfunded projects etc,any plans?im sure contributions would be forthcoming,

    best wishes ..

    1. Thanks for hanging in there, Don. Please see our last two posts on the website for the latest updates.

  9. So, when and where can we see this film? Will there be a download option or some other way to purchase it or is theatrical release only? I know it premiered at a film festival a short while ago but I can’t find any further info on what’s going on with it since then.

    1. Thanks for hanging in there, Steve. Please see our last two posts on the website for the latest updates.

  10. Hi there, first off just wanted to say I went from being a severe skeptic to a believer in this because of the videos iv seen of Mr.Romanek online. What I would like to know is if Stan could get some answers from these beings as to how the world became? what are their thoughts and explanations on historic people like Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, who all did miraculous things in the name of the Creator, and came up with profound teachings and unworldly knowledge from this same creator. Do they identify with our creator as theirs as well? how do they explain these mens devoted lives? I personally was raised Christian, and converted to Islam due to the Qurans scientific miracles many of which are in the area of astronomy. These answers would be extremely profound if revealed to the world.

    1. Sorry for the delayed response, Trevor. Those questions are better suited for Stan. Although I can say that some of these concepts have been addressed during some of Stan’s regressions, and the answers have been along the lines of “humans are not yet ready for this information.”

    1. Not sure if you read the other posts on our site when you left this message back in December — sorry for the delayed response! The film premiered at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival on Nov. 2. Check out the last two posts from this week to get details on what happened after that and where we are now. Thanks!

  11. Hi,
    Great to see a release date on this long awaited film. Will there be any plans to release this in Australia?


  12. Colin, I do reply to every comment! Seems we had some issues with our site and a bunch of comments cycle through just today. See today’s post for the latest good news. There is no problem or hold up. We’re independent filmmakers not a studio! That means it’s a self-funded project that requires nights and weekends and time. We’ve also had a few obstacles/challenges but they are behind us now. Moving forward!

  13. sorry for the delayed response, Paul. Just found a whole bunch of comments in the system! Two-thirds of THM formed j3FILMS to continue the production of the film.

  14. Sorry for the late response, Andy, we’ve had some issues with our site. Want to make sure you know that this is not Stan’s website. This is the production company that made the film about Stan. You can connect with Stan at his website: http://www.stanromanek.com. Check out our latest post for an update on the film!

  15. I am so excited for this film! Is there a way we can sign up to be emailed when it is ready for viewing/purchasing?

    1. The best thing to do is follow us on Facebook or check in on the site. Check out today’s post for some good news! And sorry for the delayed response. We discovered a bunch of comments that got lost in the system!

  16. what’s the latest on the release of “Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story”? I know it was due out this past fall and then this past spring, but still isn’t out yet. Any rough idea when it will be released?

    1. Sorry for the delayed response, Beth! We just discovered several comments in the system that hadn’t been approved. See today’s post for some great news!

  17. Just a few questions . What ever happened to the Stan Romanek Documentary that was supposed to come out last year ? Are you still in buisness ? If so why is this documentary taking so long to release ? Keep in mind i`ve heard all about the film festivals for a year now.

    Thank -you so much !

    1. Hey Jim, thanks for commenting and sorry about the delayed response. We discovered a bunch of comments this morning that hadn’t been there just last week, so I’m trying to follow up on all of them. The only info about the film’s release has come through us. And yes, we hoped it would have been released sooner, but there are a variety of reasons why it hasn’t been completed until now. See today’s post for good news. As we have said from the very beginning, our goal is to reach a wide audience vs. deliver a film for just those interested in the genre. Thanks for sticking with us!

  18. Hi John,
    I was just wondering if there is any update on an estimated completion and/or on the list of film festivals that this will be shown at?
    Thanks in advance for your reply!

    1. filming is completed, they’re looking for a distribution company to get dvds printed and suchlike things. at least that was the excuse over 6 months ago. probably a 2014 Summer release.

  19. Any idea when this is going to be released? I’ve been really waiting to see this for quite a while now.

  20. A report stated Extraordinary was due for a release in April 2013. Since we’re now ending April, is there a new projected release date?

  21. I am looking forward to the release of the film! I worked in aerospace electronics for 25 years and now as a full-time RVer spend a lot of time working outdoors, having seen a lot of strange things at our campfires. The Universe is stranger than we can imagine!


  22. In this documentary will everything be disclosed which is in his books which he relates to alot when not wanting to give too much away. Im not really a book guy so im hoping this documentary will let us all no the story without reading the book. Thanks and cant wait to see this i have been excited for quite some time now to see this.

  23. hey Stan i saw a bright light staying in mid air i knew it wasn’t plane because the planes don’t stop in mid air and it was so bright it looked like a little sun on earth, and I’ve watch allot of your documentaries and I’m looking ford to watching your new one.thanks for making me beleive

    1. This site isnt managed by Stan, you can reach Stan on his Faebook page “Stan Romanek”, or on twitter. Or write him a mail thru stanromanek.com

  24. Really looking forward, I believe. I know the truth Is out there, and there are forces not willing to tell anything about whats going on.

  25. Cant wait for this!

    Does Stan ever visit the U.K – i would love to see him in person….what a fantastic author and what an insane story!

    1. Bradley,

      I know that Stan is considering overseas travel, but I don’t know of any immediate plans. Please feel free to drop by his website — http://www.stanromanek.com — and drop him a line requesting a UK visit!

      1. hey you! I just want to know when the movie/documentery isa realesed?? Iv been w8ing for it some time now,, iv all ready seen the treiler, but i was following Stan for som wail now, and i just whant to see it!! 🙂 please send my a replay when i can buy it or when its going to be on the youtube styreem 😉

        I hope hi is allright and i hope that he bild the divice that they wanted him to bilt.. I know its a prupoltion or some thing to do with overcoming atmosferiq whatevers… I know its a inportant pees of the spaceship we cvould bilt!! he has the nolege to create a nother meens to travel out of our motheer earth… And i will be happy to help him in any way i can…

        I can be the test pilot if hi wants me to? 🙂 Im all in!!

        Just tell me 🙂 I have seen the grys, and iv have seen there countless types of crafts. Soi can be of maybe some assistens… Plz replay!

        Im with you Stan Romanek!!! im with you all the way!!!

        1. Our goal is to complete the film this fall. We will post updates on this site as we progress with the final edit. Stay tuned and thanks for checking in!

  26. I am highly anticipating the release of this film. It is going to be amazing. Can’t wait to see a trailer!

    1. Dom,

      You can rest assured that the “grandpa video” will indeed be in the film. Stay tuned, we should have a trailer up soon!

  27. Justin,

    We’re currently in post-production and expect to have the film completed in the spring. Would love the opportunity to be on your show to talk about our approach to the film, which will be unlike any other UFO experiencer docs. Open to joining you on Saturday with Stan, too.

    1. Hello Jon,

      Same question – on your main page the last update was in December 2012, do you have more information about the completion, release date and stuff yet?

      Regards Sam

      1. Sorry for the delay, Sam. Just discovered we had issues with notifications re comments on the site. See today’s post for info about the film premiering at a festival.

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