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Lightworker Books
Miguel Mendonça

Guest post from the venerable Miguel Mendonça, author of several books available on Amazon, including We Are Disclosure, Meet the Hybrids and Being with the Beings.

Miguel has interviewed hundreds of people to create his riveting books, and he’s now offering a service—to help those who have a story to tell—get the word out. If your personal story is share-worthy, Miguel is the one to help you craft a compelling and engaging book. Below, he explains his passion for words and his journey to creating Lightworker Books.

Everyone has a story to tell. Throughout my life, I’ve listened with fascination to the stories of others. As a child, I assumed they were like the textbooks we worked from in school, that they were describing objective, consensus reality, the material world. But over time, I began to discern political divisions, the variance in interpretation concerning the same subject. How could the IRA be both terrorists and freedom fighters?

Growing up during the period of “The Troubles,” with a father who fought in a similar conflict in Africa and watched every single news broadcast available, it became clear that the world, and our experience within it, is personal, subjective, political and contested. I learned that humans are a highly tribal species, and each tribe tells its own story of reality. And yet within every tribe, each individual is living his or her own unique version of reality. No matter how authorities attempt to unify worldview, paradigm and values as part of control systems, the individual cannot help having a personal perspective.

This stands as a kind of human freedom that’s difficult to erase entirely. There’s always a complex set of influences shaping perspective, both historical and contemporary, physical and metaphysical, psychological and philosophical, esoteric and exoteric. And throughout all of this, there’s happenstance, the infinitude of events at all scales—from a single firing neuron to a world war—that shape our experience and influence the course of our journey. Our lives are perpetual experiences, whether waking or sleeping, and each moment affects, and is affected by, everything else. The nature of cause and effect thus determines that we are all part of a single, vast, self-interacting organism, and each of us is a type of sensory node, feeding experience back to the whole.

As humans, we may capture and share that experience in a variety of ways, yet the most detailed long-form record of our lives remains the book. The printed word offers that deep dive, the capacity to share a set of experiences and perspectives at length, and communicate what it means to be human, to live and reflect upon an earthly journey.

During my writing career I’ve helped many people tell their stories, from fields as diverse as sustainability, journalism, politics, healing and channeling. If reality is a puzzle, then each of us holds a piece to contribute to the overall picture. And this piecing together has been a passion, a duty and a privilege. My work has naturally come together to offer people the opportunity to share their stories in book form, as my friends at j3FILMS do through film. Our work serves the piecing together of reality, and our attempts to make sense of the picture that forms.

We all have something to say, something worth hearing. Even if only one person’s life is changed by it, that may be enough to justify the effort. I was once told by my former boss at the World Future Council, the venerable Herbert Girardet, “You can never know the effect of your work.” Meaning, once your ideas get out into the world, they’ll take on a life of their own, affecting people you’ll never meet, in ways you may never know. There’s something powerful in this, and mysterious and exciting, and the idea continues to inspire me. So, if you have something you wish to share with the world, or but a single person within it, check out my Lightworker Books website, and get in touch—you never know what it may mean, or where it will lead.

Read the testimonials on the Lightworker Books website, including the words from Fay Vale, who recently published her first book—E.T. as Artist—with Miguel’s guidance.

“Miguel was a dream to work with and I am more than happy to recommend him to anyone who wants to tell their story. His fees are not expensive and he does not put any add-ons once a contract of work is agreed. I have more books planned and I will definitely be contacting Miguel for his services in the future.”

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