Intriguing abduction patterns emerge in Romanek story

One of the most interesting aspects of working on the Stan Romanek project is that — as we research our subject matter — we begin to gain a better understanding of a truly profound mystery. As we dig deeper into Stan’s case and the alien abduction phenomenon as a whole, we’re collecting an abundance of credible testimony and authoritative research that clarifies and validates the bizarre and life-changing experiences affecting thousands of people across the globe.

Budd Hopkins

The similarities in the encounters described by abductees can’t be ignored. Budd Hopkins, a well-respected researcher and New York Times bestselling author of three seminal books on the UFO abduction phenomenon, has personally investigated hundreds of cases and found that not only are the same things reported again and again, but they’re reported in the same sequence, which makes them very different from a fantasy or hallucination. Most compelling, he cites, is the fact that many of these cases are emerging from remote regions in Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Argentina and New Guinea — places where people are essentially illiterate, isolated and unexposed to other cultural images of UFOs and aliens.

Stan isn’t from a remote village in Siberia, but his experiences fit the abduction pattern and include missing time, strange marks on his body, and blocked memories of being taken aboard a spacecraft and examined by alien-looking creatures. Other aspects of his case go well beyond the “textbook” abduction scenario. The implications of his experiences are staggering and will be explored in detail in the documentary.

2 Replies to “Intriguing abduction patterns emerge in Romanek story”

  1. I have been following this for about 2 years. I must admit, it was difficult at first to remain open minded. After reading all the Romanek’s books with documentation, I believe their story.
    It’s just so mind boggling to finally come to terms with.
    Why not other life? What makes us so exclusive and special???!!!
    Great trailer. Can’t wait to see the whole documentary.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. That’s what’s most interesting about Stan’s story. When people are expose to the depth and breadth of his experiences, they can’t help but ask, “What if …?” That’s all we’re trying to do with this film. The more we wonder, the more we explore. And the more we explore, the more we learn. It’s all good!

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