“Extraordinary: The Seeding” & j3FILMS—Everything You Need to Know About What’s Happening Right NOW

The Seeding

Team j3FILMS has been extremely busy. How busy? Let’s catch you up …

  • Extraordinary: The Seeding World Premiere was at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) on November 17, 2018. The festival cut allowed us to see the film on the big screen and determine where to make improvements for the final cut.
  • While we only made a few minor tweaks to the video edit after FLIFF, our master composer, Anton Patzner, wanted to “improve” the music “just a tad.” Fresh from a trip to Indonesia, Anton went to work and enhanced the score by creating more than 65 minutes of additional music, textures and sound enrichments. Personally, I think Anton’s tweaks improved the film’s overall message by driving home the emotional impact. When you watch it (more to come on that in a minute!), I strongly suggest you watch wearing headphones to get the full sonic impact. I had seen the film dozens of times prior to the score revision, and when I watched the final master with headphones, it was goosebumps on top of goosebumps. It’s a powerfully moving score.
  • We submitted the final cut to our distributor, The Orchard (now 1091 Media), in December 2018 for review, and the response was extremely positive. Stoked.
  • We earned several awards for the film! First, a Semi-Finalist Award from the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards. Then we were selected for the juried competition at the Pasadena International Film Festival (PIFF), where we were nominated for Best Director and Best Documentary. At PIFF’s Gala Awards ceremony on March 22, 2019, we won Best Documentary!
  • Extraordinary: The Seeding is under consideration for the Festival de Cannes. We’re on a roll, so why not? We’ll find out if we’ve been selected in the next week or so.
  • In the days before attending PIFF, we were in Miami shooting the first interview for our next documentary project (known as EX3 until we settle on a working title). All we’ll say for now is this: history, religion, ascension, colonization and whistleblower. We’re in the process of scheduling additional interviews throughout the spring with a goal of delivering the third and final film in our series (about abductions, hybridization programs and why it’s happening) in 2020.
  • Okay, okay. So, you really want to know when Extraordinary: The Seeding is being released, right? We’re getting close to that announcement, we promise. But a few things must fall in place first …
  • … like the release of the official trailer! We should have news on the trailer debut within the next few days. Once the trailer launches, the film will also be available for preorder. All details will be provided when the trailer launches. We will schedule a premiere of the trailer on YouTube, and we’ll be online before and after the premier to chat and answer questions. Be on the lookout for the trailer launch announcement. It’s so close we can taste it!
  • Also in the works: A music video featuring the closing credits song The Seed. A lyric version of the song will drop soon and then the official music video will follow the trailer release.
  • Even more exciting news: j3FILMS is creating a Patreon account. This is especially exciting because it will allow us to share shorter stories with our patrons. In the two films already in the can, we captured more than 100 hours of footage—and only 3.5 hours will be in the public domain after the release of Extraordinary: The Seeding. We look forward to sharing more and more info. We also will use Patreon to take contributors inside the filmmaking process by providing live updates when we’re on location, sharing the editing process live as it happens, discussing the nuts and bolts of story development, and walking you through the scoring process through live sessions with our filmmaking team. The intention is to develop an ongoing information portal for anyone curious about the subjects we cover in our films. And our project development list is long! We’re starting EX3 now, but we’re already developing three additional films and have a short list of another five films beyond that. Patreon support will ensure the production of ongoing stories that help bring fascinating subjects out from the shadows and into the mainstream. More details to come when we launch.

Like I said up top, we’ve been busy! And we expect to stay that way for years to come, if there’s an audience and an appetite for the stories we want to share.

Extraordinary: The Seeding … Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole

j3FILMSWhen so many people reached out to us after watching our first film, Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story, we realized it was mission accomplished. We knew it would be a polarizing film simply because of the subject matter, but as filmmakers, our goal from the beginning was to present the story (and evidence) in an objective manner so viewers could make up their own minds as to whether or not they believed the story to be true. We also wanted to provide the nudge that would compel people to at least consider the possibilities. Do extraterrestrial beings exist? And if they do, are they abducting humans for some kind of experimental purpose?

We didn’t make the film for true believers or hard-core skeptics; it was made for those who live somewhere in the middle, in the space where most of us reside – a place where healthy skepticism and childlike curiosity constantly co-mingle. We made it for those who aren’t afraid to ask the questions: Who are we? Why are we here? What don’t we know about the universe that surrounds us?

Most importantly, we wanted to tell a story about what it is to be human. Regardless of whether or not you believe in UFOs and/or alien contact, there are tens of thousands of people across the planet who have had UFO-related encounters and been profoundly affected by them. By telling their stories, our hope is that others can be empathetic to their experiences.

With the success of the first film, we were asked by The Orchard, our distributor partner in L.A., to create more content. We told them there was more to this story and that we would like to go deeper down the rabbit hole to tell it. Our second film, Extraordinary: The Seeding, is the result of these efforts. The film is a logical progression from where the first one took us, akin to continuing to put the pieces of a complex puzzle together. If aliens do exist and they are abducting humans for experimental reasons, what exactly do these experiments entail and why are they conducting them?

Over the years, as we’ve researched these strange phenomena, we’ve come across many individuals who claim to have been abducted by extraterrestrials. In particular, women have come forward and shared what they describe as abductions followed by pregnancies that can’t be explained and that end in strange miscarriages where the fetus simply disappears. In many of these cases, they describe another abduction a few years later during which they are shown their “hybrid” children on board alien craft.

Without exception, these women are sincere and credible; they hesitate to come forward with their stories out of fear of being ridiculed and having to relive the nightmare. In all cases, their lives are changed forever. Sometimes relationships are destroyed, as are careers, but many of these courageous individuals manage to come out on the other side stronger and with a keen sense of purpose. And some even become voices for those who are still struggling in silence with the fear and trauma.

We, the filmmakers, have become more open-minded and understanding as a result of making this second installment in the Extraordinary series. We originally set out to find as much tangible “evidence” as we could, and while this is most certainly critical when it comes to validating the reality of these strange phenomena, our main goal as filmmakers is to share human experiences. Our true gift in sharing this story is introducing you to the experiencers themselves – the individuals who go to work every day, love their families and otherwise live like the rest of us, but who have been touched by something so extraordinary as to have been profoundly touched by it forever.

As Extraordinary: The Seeding gets set to premiere at the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) on November 17, 2018, our hope is that it resonates with viewers like our first film did, and that it also compels them to feel a little more compassion and empathy for the individuals who are trying to cope with their extraordinary experiences.

j3FILMS’ ‘Extraordinary: The Seeding’ to premiere at FLIFF, November 17

Extraordinary: The SeedingExtraordinary: The Seeding” premieres at FLIFF’s Savor Cinema on Saturday, November 17, at 8 p.m. Get tickets here.


So, we’ve been a tad busy.

Let’s get you caught up …

Last November, we pitched the idea of a three-part abduction phenomena series to The Orchard, our distribution partner in L.A., to which they replied: Go for it. With Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story as our trilogy lead-off, we set out to go a little deeper with our new venture … Extraordinary: The Seeding.

It’s less than a year since that pitch meeting, and we’re now deep into post-production on what we’ve come to refer to as EX2. We traversed Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Northern and Southern California. Two things we learned: We love Airbnb and fried rice. Oh, and coffee.

But we learned something even more important along the way: The abduction phenomena is a very personal story that impacts individuals to the core. Emotionally. Physically. Psychologically. Spiritually.

While EX1 was one man’s journey, supported by volumes of self-documented evidence and eyewitness testimony, EX2 is a deeper exploration of the human condition and why experiencers deserve our attention and compassion.

The men and women who speak on camera run the risk of ridicule, yet each was compelled to share their journeys for the benefit of others—those who are still trying to grasp the concept that we may not be alone in the universe, as well as those who have had a personal experience but are frightened to share it. EX2 will help audiences better understand the phenomena and the struggle. The isolation, the pain and the need for empathy.

What made the process of making this film so rewarding for us was the people we interviewed, both the experts …

  • Richard Dolan
  • Marc D’Antonio
  • Alejandro Rojas
  • Chase Kloetzke
  • Barbara Lamb
  • Yvonne Smith
  • Susan Bedell

… and the experiencers …

  • April Malloy
  • Geraldine Orozco
  • Rob Fullington
  • Melinda Leslie
  • Dana
  • Sierra Neblina
  • Niara Isley
  • Maren Mastin
  • Jason Friend

It has been a fascinating journey for us and our crew. And we can’t wait to share it with you.

Future posts will provide additional details about the making of the film, the possibility of additional festivals and release dates for the film on digital platforms. For those who can’t make it to Fort Lauderdale, don’t worry! The film will be available on digital platforms in early 2019.