“Extraordinary: The Seeding” & j3FILMS—Everything You Need to Know About What’s Happening Right NOW

The Seeding

Team j3FILMS has been extremely busy. How busy? Let’s catch you up …

  • Extraordinary: The Seeding World Premiere was at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) on November 17, 2018. The festival cut allowed us to see the film on the big screen and determine where to make improvements for the final cut.
  • While we only made a few minor tweaks to the video edit after FLIFF, our master composer, Anton Patzner, wanted to “improve” the music “just a tad.” Fresh from a trip to Indonesia, Anton went to work and enhanced the score by creating more than 65 minutes of additional music, textures and sound enrichments. Personally, I think Anton’s tweaks improved the film’s overall message by driving home the emotional impact. When you watch it (more to come on that in a minute!), I strongly suggest you watch wearing headphones to get the full sonic impact. I had seen the film dozens of times prior to the score revision, and when I watched the final master with headphones, it was goosebumps on top of goosebumps. It’s a powerfully moving score.
  • We submitted the final cut to our distributor, The Orchard (now 1091 Media), in December 2018 for review, and the response was extremely positive. Stoked.
  • We earned several awards for the film! First, a Semi-Finalist Award from the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards. Then we were selected for the juried competition at the Pasadena International Film Festival (PIFF), where we were nominated for Best Director and Best Documentary. At PIFF’s Gala Awards ceremony on March 22, 2019, we won Best Documentary!
  • Extraordinary: The Seeding is under consideration for the Festival de Cannes. We’re on a roll, so why not? We’ll find out if we’ve been selected in the next week or so.
  • In the days before attending PIFF, we were in Miami shooting the first interview for our next documentary project (known as EX3 until we settle on a working title). All we’ll say for now is this: history, religion, ascension, colonization and whistleblower. We’re in the process of scheduling additional interviews throughout the spring with a goal of delivering the third and final film in our series (about abductions, hybridization programs and why it’s happening) in 2020.
  • Okay, okay. So, you really want to know when Extraordinary: The Seeding is being released, right? We’re getting close to that announcement, we promise. But a few things must fall in place first …
  • … like the release of the official trailer! We should have news on the trailer debut within the next few days. Once the trailer launches, the film will also be available for preorder. All details will be provided when the trailer launches. We will schedule a premiere of the trailer on YouTube, and we’ll be online before and after the premier to chat and answer questions. Be on the lookout for the trailer launch announcement. It’s so close we can taste it!
  • Also in the works: A music video featuring the closing credits song The Seed. A lyric version of the song will drop soon and then the official music video will follow the trailer release.
  • Even more exciting news: j3FILMS is creating a Patreon account. This is especially exciting because it will allow us to share shorter stories with our patrons. In the two films already in the can, we captured more than 100 hours of footage—and only 3.5 hours will be in the public domain after the release of Extraordinary: The Seeding. We look forward to sharing more and more info. We also will use Patreon to take contributors inside the filmmaking process by providing live updates when we’re on location, sharing the editing process live as it happens, discussing the nuts and bolts of story development, and walking you through the scoring process through live sessions with our filmmaking team. The intention is to develop an ongoing information portal for anyone curious about the subjects we cover in our films. And our project development list is long! We’re starting EX3 now, but we’re already developing three additional films and have a short list of another five films beyond that. Patreon support will ensure the production of ongoing stories that help bring fascinating subjects out from the shadows and into the mainstream. More details to come when we launch.

Like I said up top, we’ve been busy! And we expect to stay that way for years to come, if there’s an audience and an appetite for the stories we want to share.